• Rutgers Law School, J.D., 2020

  • Bucknell University, B.S., Physics, 2017

Admitted to Practice:

  • Pennsylvania - Not Registered to Practice (Registration Pending)

Edward is currently focusing his practice on patent procurement, particularly patent application preparation in the medical device field. He is a product of CRK’s summer associate program. “Our summer program really does a great job of highlighting what it’s like to work at the firm,” Edward notes, “still, it seems like the more you learn, the more you appreciate how much there is left to learn.”

Fortunately, CRK’s training for young attorneys like Edward is both supportive and comprehensive. “I’ve really begun to appreciate the level of deliberateness it takes to properly capture an invention,” he notes, “and I’m grateful to have those more experienced attorneys investing their time to help me gain skill.”

Edward’s interest in patent law started early in his undergraduate career as part of a joint research team, where Edward worked to optimize the operation of a robotic surgery device. After seeing the amount of investment in research and development to merely optimize an innovative device, Edward understands first-hand the importance of protecting the resulting work. Throughout his participation on the team, one of Edward’s favorite tasks was learning the approaches and techniques that had been tried previously to solve a long-standing problem. His appreciation of those nuances of innovation motivated him to learn about patent law.

And now Edward is at CRK. “One of the best things about work (versus law school),” he says, “is seeing new technologies and how they can solve real-world problems that affect real people. And here I am helping protect them.”

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